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We’re our clients’ biggest fans, and we enjoy finding new and exciting ways to collaborate in an effort to see their visions realized. We believe the creative process should be a fun one, and we are grateful that we’re invited to come along for the ride. While we’re based in Southern California, our wedding industry clients are located anywhere their creative spirit takes them. We’ve had the privilege of working with wedding creatives across the country and abroad – from the Pacific NorthWest and NYC to Tuscany and Iceland.

 The Dream Team

The White Swan Creative Staff

Ryan Horban


Muhammad Asif


Matthew Swift

SEO Copywriter

Ryan Whitton

SEO Strategist

 Our Advantages


With over a decade of experience working in the wedding industry, we understand how the design and branding of a website can help a wedding creative better connect with their ideal client. This is the reason White Swan Creative works closely with each wedding business to create quality content that is optimized for SEO success and then showcased on modern, clean, and user-friendly WordPress theme. Our years of experience in the wedding industry and online marketing are the reason why we are the agency to help take your wedding business to the next level.


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization it is important to recognize that SEO is a moving target. Algorithms that control search engine results placements are tweaked hundreds of times a year, making it critical your wedding business works with an SEO strategist who understands the current trends. This is why our White Swan Creative specialist, Ryan Whitton, continues to go to the biggest SEO conferences multiple times a year, gaining insight into where the industry is headed. We also have a network of other highly-skilled online marketers we work with to make sure our wedding professional clients are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information so their websites have the most success with rankings. Whitton has worked with wedding photographers, officiants, and venues to help them reach and exceed their SEO goals.


Most wedding creatives want to spend their energy creating beautiful content, not blogging. Unfortunately, blogging is a critical component of ranking a website. This is where White Swan Creative copywriter Matthew Swift can help! Matthew has an English degree in journalism and has produced content for technology blogs, INC 500 companies, and numerous wedding publications. His uniquely drafted content is designed to gain the attention of brides, as well as perform at a high level on search. This is done through his masterful use of blending keywords and appropriate headers into wedding blog content.


Having a user-friendly, modern website is not a luxury, it is a must! Wedding officiants, event planners, and photographers should all have a website that is mobile-friendly, clean and designed to connect with their ideal client. For those wedding creatives struggling with the design of their WordPress theme don’t worry because we have you covered! Our web developer Muhammad Asif has built and designed over 450+ websites with a variety of functions and features. Simply let Asif know what technical problems you are experiencing with your website, and what you want to accomplish with a new website and he will get you taken care of. The best part is the project is never closed until you are satisfied!