Content Writting

The most important thing a wedding industry business can do is develop content that 1) Connects to their ideal client and 2) Is optimized for keywords related to their industry. An example of this would be “San Francisco Wedding Photographer” or “Joshua Tree Wedding Officiant“. Keywords and long-tail queries that your wedding business can optimize content for and rank higher on search engines. This will increase your wedding businesses’ brand visibility and generate leads from more brides and grooms looking for your services. 

Wedding Blog Content

Optimized Blog Posts/Pages

One of the best ways to get a website ranking quickly is to create quality content that is well optimized. 

Our copywriters provide SEO optimized content to help rank your wedding business for locations, venues or highly searched phrases. This professionally organized content for posts or pages will rank on its own as well boost homepage rankings

Investment: 0.10 Per Word

Timeframe: 7 Days

 Our Process

Our tribe of web developers, content writers, and SEO experts are the perfect creative team to guide your wedding business into an online powerhosue from conception to complettion. We’re committed to ensuring that our clients from wedding officiants, wedding photographers, wedding coordinators and other wedding creative professionals receive a great service to help them acquire not only more clients, but their ideal wedding clients!

This is where our SEO experts conduct a  detailed audit of your wedding website to figure out what what aspects of your SEO marketing are failing, working, and need to be improved. Depending on the SEO pacakge selected, we can either help guide you to make the changes required to get your wedding website ranked higher on search engines such as Google, or get one of our SEO experts to work directly with you to develop search goals, implement SEO strategies, and get more traffic to your website! 
Blogging is an critical component in optimizing your wedding website, but you probably did not get into the creative wedding industry to spend your time blogging. White Swan Creative writers understand this, and this is why we have a small team of talented SEO-experienced copywriters with a background in journalism. Bascially, we get your core pages organized in a way that will be informative, engaging, and most importantly designed in a way to meet your SEO goals! Let our writers do the blogging while you handle the fun stuff!
Is your WordPress website out-dated? Did you recently purchase a new theme and are struggling with getting it set up? Let’s be honest, your website is an extension of you so make sure that it is designed in a way that is authentic and reflective of your wedding business. White Swan Creative web developers can create a customized theme that provides all the features your wedding business needs. This is where you might need to do a little research – don’t worry, it’s the fun kind! Because our skilled developers want to know all about your brand and what inspires you. From the design to functionality, this info will give us a better understanding of your vision and how we can help develop and fulfill it creatively and effectively.