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When I first started my wedding photography business back in 2012 all I wanted to do was shoot. At that time I felt if I could simply improve my technique, purchase the latest “hot” Lightroom presets being touted on Instagram/Facebook, and invest in more expensive camera gear that I would have no trouble booking weddings. Because those 3 things are supposed to make a wedding photographer better and a better photographer gets booked more right? Wrong. In fact, that thinking was DAAAAYYYYYYYYMN wrong! Sure improving our technique and story-telling is something we should all strive for as artists, but being an exceptional photographer DOES NOT mean you will get hired. In fact, I know many, many amazingly talented photographers who either a) struggle booking the number of weddings they want to book per year or b) get paid far less than their skills would typically demand. And that really sucks. However, the reality is if you want to run a successful wedding photography business 50% of your efforts should be focused on the “Photography” portion and the other 50% on the “Business” portion. I am here to talk a little about the “Business” side of those efforts and more specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how utilizing SEO can help your wedding photography business. Not to mention, the value of having a SEO mentor who works specifically with wedding photographers. So prepare yourself to take off on a magical ride and journey into the wondrous world of SEO! Now let’s saddle up our unicorns and fly into what SEO is and why it matters for your photography business!

What The Fuck Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it basically refers to building your website in a fashion that makes it more favorable to search engines such as Google. The reason why businesses spend so much time on SEO is that a website that is optimized effectively will have better results in search engine results placement (SERP). What SEO means for you is when you create a website that is SEO-friendly and optimized correctly it can help your business rank higher on Google so when a bride is looking for a wedding photographer where you offer services she will find you before Photos By Deb.

Why SEO Matters For Your Photography Business

Let’s keep this real simple. A well-optimized website will mean more visibility for your photography business. More visibility means more inquiries, and more inquiries mean more bookings. More bookings mean more money for champagne and pizza. This can all be explained in the Harvard sponsored “Money, Champagne, Pizza” mathematical equation:

SEO for photographers

Being found first matters. It matters a lot actually because soon-to-be brides will book the first photographer they meet or have contact with over 70% of the time. Once a bride finds you, they check out your photos, and if they like what they see they reach out. That is when your sales game takes over and you close that shit!

The issue with most wedding professionals is that they are artists and often times they focus so much on the artistry of their craft that they neglect some of the Business 101 stuff. I get that and certainly want all creatives to put artistry at the forefront of their business, but I also want to make sure artists can pay their rent and eat first. I mean how are you going to be featured on a wedding blog, get a shit ton of “likes” in a Facebook group such as LooksLikeFilm, or get one of those fancy RangeFinder Top 30 awards if you can’t even pay your cell phone bill? SEO can help with that!

SEO Mentoring Sessions: What To Expect

Expect to learn something that will not only be instantly valuable to your wedding photography business but also a skill-set that will help you in any business venture you pursue in the future. In the photography community, everyone wants to sell you something whether it be Lightroom presets or workshops, but those things do nothing in terms of visibility for your business. Presets and workshops will certainly help you grow as an artist, but learning the basics of SEO will help you actually get more wedding inquires (Money, Champagne, Pizza).

SEO Mentor Investment

Those looking to beef up their wedding photography websites to make them more SEO friendly can choose from the following SEO package options:

SEO For Photographers

90 Minute Consultation
Review Of Website
Content Optimization
Internal/External Link Structure
Keyword Analysis
Title & Meta Tag Optimization

Wedding Photography SEO

5 Hours of Kick Ass SEO Consultation
Review Of Website
Title & Meta Tag Optimization
Content Optimization
Internal/External Link Structure
Keyword Analysis
Traffic Driving Strategies
Utilization Of Social Networks
Client Booking Strategies
TwoMonthly Follow Ups (One Hour Website Reviews)

SEO Topics We Will Cover

Everyone has a different level of expertise when it comes to SEO so the first step would be evaluating your current website, going over the basics, and developing an SEO plan that can work within your personal workflow. Depending on the package selected, we will cover a broad range of topics so that you can take these techniques and drive them like swords into your competition. I want you to visualize the movie 300, but with even greasier and buffer men. You are that man (or woman)!

SEO Mentor: Why Should I Listen To You?

I always say you probably should not take financial advice from a homeless person so you certainly should not take SEO advice from someone who is not currently implementing and effectively utilizing proper SEO techniques. Because let’s be honest, there are some pretty big-named wedding photographers out there right now who talk about SEO techniques but can’t even get their own websites on page 1. You want results, not hype.

Palm Springs Wedding Photographer

Here is a little background info on me, my businesses and SEO expertise

  • Was Vice President of Marketing for an Inc. 500 business that focused solely on SEO & online marketing
  • Started an e-commerce business that currently has numerous Page 1 ranking for multiple terms including “Tracking System
  • Started a Palm Springs wedding photography business that ranks on Page 1
  • Started a Temecula wedding photography business that ranks on Page 1
  • Currently, work closely with top SEO mentors and SEO companies to keep up with the ever-changing Google algorithms

*SEO advice is like workout advice, I can tell you what foods to eat and exercises to do but if you want to see kick ass results you are gonna have to move your buns. Learning the basics is critical to helping your website become more SEO friendly, but it requires continuous effort. There is no quick fix or magic unicorn that can fly you to the top of the search rankings overnight.

About the author. Ryan Horban is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Palm Springs, California.