With Instagram algorithms hiding your posts from clients it is important to combine social media marketing efforts with SEO. That way potential brides and grooms can always see what your business is doing and what services it has to offer. White Swan Creative provides wedding professionals multiple options to increase their online presence on search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and Google. Our SEO team will conduct a comprehensive audit of your wedding website and give feedback on ways to increase search engine results placement (SERP). And if you are too busy shooting weddings, coordinating events, or officiating elopements to make those changes yourself to the website then our SEO experts can get take care of everything for you! White Swan Creative offers SEO packages that will optimize content, properly organize links, track progress, improve search rankings, and get your wedding business more traffic!

Website Audit

Find The Problems

A comprehensive review of your wedding website and Google Analytics to determine what is working for your business and what needs improvement with SEO. Our SEO experts will discuss your business goals and provide an outline of our recommendations to increase your wedding business’ rankings on Google. This is the package for wedding professionals who want to diagnose SEO issues and create a gameplan to resolving them!

Investment: $300

Timeframe: 5-7 Days


Rank Your Business

A white-glove, full-service approach for wedding professionals who really want to increase bookings through Google rankings. With this monthly package, our SEO experts will work with you to create keyword targets and then begin optimizing your website accordingly. Together, we will find out what queries are best,  target specific locations, and rank for venues. This is the package for wedding professionals who want to see long-term, positive SEO results.

Investment: $500 

Timeframe: 3, 6, and 12 Months 

 What Is SEO

Our team of web developers, content writers, and SEO experts are the perfect creative team to guide your wedding business into an online powerhosue from conception to complettion. We’re committed to ensuring that our clients from wedding officiants, wedding photographers, wedding coordinators and other wedding creative professionals receive a great service to help them acquire not only more clients, but their ideal wedding clients!


This is where our SEO experts conduct a  detailed audit of your wedding website to figure out what what aspects of your SEO marketing are failing, working, and need to be improved. Depending on the SEO pacakge selected, we can either help guide you to make the changes required to get your wedding website ranked higher on search engines such as Google, or get one of our SEO experts to work directly with you to develop search goals, implement SEO strategies, and get more traffic to your website! 


Blogging is an critical component in optimizing your wedding website, but you probably did not get into the creative wedding industry to spend your time blogging. White Swan Creative writers understand this, and this is why we have a small team of talented SEO-experienced copywriters with a background in journalism. Bascially, we get your core pages organized in a way that will be informative, engaging, and most importantly designed in a way to meet your SEO goals! Let our writers do the blogging while you handle the fun stuff!


Is your WordPress website out-dated? Did you recently purchase a new theme and are struggling with getting it set up? Let’s be honest, your website is an extension of you so make sure that it is designed in a way that is authentic and reflective of your wedding business. White Swan Creative web developers can create a customized theme that provides all the features your wedding business needs. This is where you might need to do a little research – don’t worry, it’s the fun kind! Because our skilled developers want to know all about your brand and what inspires you. From the design to functionality, this info will give us a better understanding of your vision and how we can help develop and fulfill it creatively and effectively.

SEO Services for Wedding Creatives


At White Swan Creative we believe in offering professional services for wedding creatives that actually help officiants, photographers, planners, and any wedding professionals increase site traffic and client bookings. One of the best ways to do this is through a marketing strategy known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

One misconception is that SEO is only about keywords. Although the appropriate use of keywords is important there are many other factors involved in getting a website ranking high on Google. That’s why, we are now offering two SEO services for your wedging website. The first SEO package is designed to increase website speed, an important SEO factor to Google that can increase your overall site rankings. Second, is a comprehensive website audit where we can work together to determine your search goals, create core content for landing pages, and closely monitor the progress of your search engine results placement.


Speed up Your WordPress Site


Site speed matters. Google uses speed as an SEO factor for ranking. This means faster sites will perform better in search engine results. This is also particularly true for mobile searches. With over 50% of traffic coming from mobile users, keeping your page loading speed fast – has never been more important.

With our Site Speed Optimization service we aim to increase your overall site speed, letting Google know that you’re serious about the experience you provide to your site visitors, both on desktop and mobile.

Purchase the service, complete the form, then just sit back and relax as we speed up your site and provide a report with changes and next steps. Learn More here.


SEO Audit for Wedding Professionals


Let us take a detailed look inside the structure of your website and analyze the structure based on your unique SEO goals. Our SEO experts can figure out what things are working for your website and determine critical areas where improvement is needed to improve your website’s SEO and Google ranking.

Think of this service as a guaranteed way to improve your search rankings while also learning both basic and advanced SEO strategies to improve your organic rankings. These content management and optimization tweaks will increase quality traffic to any wedding professional’s website. More traffic equals more leads, and more leads equal more bookings. There truly is no better investment a wedding creative can make for their business!

Our SEO experts will review your website, identify the weaknesses in your posts/page, as well as locate and resolve any urgent SEO issues. We then take things to the next level by providing you with a comprehensive report that explains the next steps so that you can begin to improve your site effectively, acquire better SEO results, and most importantly rank for the keyword targets you are aiming for!